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Here are some training notes that will be useful if you wanted to organise some training. Many places charge for such materials, but I strongly believe in separating the content/material from the actual delivery of the training. After all, if MIT could release their Open Courseware, why not us, FLOSS people?

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At some stage, looking at the GNU Free Documentation License (FDL), or even the Public Documentation License (PDL) might come in handy, but the Creative Commons licensing does allow commercial use, you just have to ask. For comments, changes in the document, brickbats, bouquets, donations, etc... e-mail is the best way.

The material included will suffice for a 2-day course if you're training trainers, and already competent users of other office suites out there. If you're teaching complete beginners, it should stretch to a 3-day course (it will be better spread), as it will allow for more interaction, and Q&A sessions. Note that the slide format is based on slides and notes, so do view the notes!

Read the release notes before downloading the following.
Other resources for training material exist on the Internet.


The material included will suffice for a 2-3 day course if you're training trainers and want to be really thorough about it. It is assumed however that the trainers are beginners, whom have never used Linux (but maybe, heard about it). 3 days is comfortable so that there allows Q&A and discovery sessions. Note that the slide format is based on slides and notes, so don't forget that the notes contain other useful tid-bits too!

These notes and user guide are very skewed towards Fedora Core 1, using the GNOME Desktop. Patches to make them apply for others are welcome. The first take of these notes are part of the PC Gemilang campaign in Malaysia.
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